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Oliver Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer: Catherine Cooper shows how the themes of She Stoops to Conquer are developed through contrasts, such as between age and youth, city and country, and high and low social class, and finds that behind those superficial contrasts deeper psychological contrasts are being explored.

Audio essays online

Writing for Audio Many people underestimate the special requirements of audio-only or voice-over narration Audio essays online. There are many details -- more than enough to fill an entire college course.

But here are some highlights that will help you avoid the major pitfalls, and improve on what you already know.

Why did this block occur?

Write for the ear. Do not judge the quality of a script by how it looks on the page. It often happens that a piece that is enjoyable or at least clearwhen read silently from a printed page, may not work at all when read aloud.

The style, wording and sentence structure should be adapted for aural delivery via the ear. So, read each script aloud and listen to the sound. Even within so-called non-linear media, words must be heard, and understood, in sequence.

Thus, the writer should avoid long, complex sentences with numerous modifying clauses and phrases. If a sentence starts getting beyond 20 words, see if there is some way to break it up.

One area to avoid is "business-speak. Avoid using long words if there are shorter ones that work just as well. Use the active voice. You may hear this advice often, but it is often explained poorly.

Verbs can have different tenses, voices, forms, and other variations. For example, "Bill is walking the dog," and "Bill walks the dog," are both a form of the present tense, and they are both in active voice. Clearly, the second phrase sounds simpler and more "active" but that is not what is meant by the grammatical term "active voice.

That is the single clearest way to distinguish the active voice from the passive voice. In the examples above, "Bill" is the subject of the sentence. He is the person or thing that performs the action i. By contrast, if the dog becomes the subject, the resulting sentence is "The dog is walked by Bill.

The verb "to walk" is still the main action, but it is no longer the verb of the sentence. Apart from the explanation, this is a deliberately blatant example, but be wary.

It is easy to let much subtler passive constructions slip into your work unnoticed. Helping verbs are a clue to passive constructions, primarily any form of the verb "to be" when used together with any form of some other verb.

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This is a simplistic way of checking your writing for active voice. A better solution is to understand the ins and outs of verb structures. Some of the grammar-related links on the main Writing page of this website may provide help in this area.

The English language provides perfectly functional things like periods, commas, colons, semi-colons, and dashes, all of which indicate either a separation of ideas, a place to pause, or both. And above all, beware the dreaded three-dotAbout The Canterbury Tales: Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales, a collection of stories in a frame story, between and It is the story of a group of thirty people who travel as pilgrims to Canterbury (England).

The pilgrims, who come from all layers of society, tell stories to each other to kill time while they travel to Canterbury. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Sloane Crosley returns to the form that made her a household name in really quite a lot of households: Essays!

These small doses of wit and sass make for an exuberant, unforgettable audiobook. Please note your password is the same as your UWG ID and is case sensitive.. UWG Online Help Desk • (M-Th 8a-8p ET, F 8a-5p ET) or This I Believe Beginning in , radio pioneer Edward R.

Murrow asked Americans from all walks of life to write essays about their most fundamental and closely held beliefs.

Audio essays online

Half a century later. Sloane Crosley returns to the form that made her a household name in really quite a lot of households: Essays! These small doses of wit and sass make for an exuberant, unforgettable audiobook.

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