Discuss the different types of business reports smu

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Discuss the different types of business reports smu

Works of North American Literature by women as discuss the different types of business reports smu reflect and comment upon the evolving identities of women, men, and culture from the midthCentury to the contemporary period.

Novels, memoirs, and short stories will be supplemented by other readings. Midterm and final examination; regular quizzes; some short writing assignments.

In this course we study how and why 19th century realities of conquering the American West morphed into 20th century legend and myth. We also ask what defines those forms, how they changed, and why they endure.

We next turn to the ways that the romance of horse culture and gunfighters in lateth and earlyth century paintings and sculpture, fictions and films, brought the Myth of the American West to its fullest expression. We conclude by studying revisions of that myth in contemporary film and fiction.

Readings include historical and biographical sources, three classic Western novels, and a selection of popular Western films from the Silent Era to the present. As we survey this history, we will consider not just great literature, but also its relation to the social, political, intellectual, and religious histories in which it was written.

An introduction to Excel as it is commonly used in the workplace. IL, OC, W IL, OC, W This course introduces students to business and professional communication, including a variety of writing and speaking tasks. It covers the observation and practice of rhetorical strategies, discourse conventions, and ethical standards associated with workplace culture.

The course includes much active learning, which means students will attend events on campus and off and will conduct a detailed field research project at a worksite.

Please note that this course may not be counted toward requirements for the English major, and that laptops are required. Successful Writing at Work, 11th ed. CA2, W, OC Special attention to writing about literature.

You will read, talk, and write about poems written centuries ago and practically yesterday. You will learn to distinguish exotic species like villanelles and sestinas. You will impress your friends and family with metrical analyses of great poems and famous television theme songs. Shorter and longer papers totally approximately 20 pages; midterm; final exam; class presentation.

Families, Happy and Unhappy.

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LL, W, OC In this course, we will dive into the religious, social, and political landscape of the last 40 years to explore what contemporary U. How do contemporary writers imagine religious beliefs, practices, and communities? How do religions traditions shape key social and political shifts in these decades, and how are they shaped by them?

What is the role of religion in politics? Literature at the US-Mexico Border. Also, we will explore how these writings constitute a transnational sense of space while engaging issues of race, citizenship, gender, and globalization.

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CA1, W, OC Readings from all four of the great Greek playwrights: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes. Four thirty-minute, factual tests; two out-of-class papers; one comprehensive, written final exam; one formal oral presentation. CA, W A course in the ways that skilled readers engage with, learn from, and take delight in literary texts--indeed, any written text.

First we seek to sharpen close reading skills, and how to read and think critically about familiar literary forms: Secondly our readings will also call on us to think critically about the ways that literary texts engage with their historical moment, with particular contexts of cultural and socio-political life and struggle.

Indeed the third main goal of this class is to improve our writing—one sentence, page, and essay at a time. Expect to write four interpretive essays, a mid-term, and a final exam.

CA, W Wanderers and wanderings have been literary staples from medieval quests to Oscar-winning films. In turn, the experience of reading a book or film for the first time can take on the quality of an unexpected journey, in which you are hopeful that the destination will be an interesting one, but you are not entirely sure either what it will be or how you will get there.

This course will introduce methods of reading and approaches to texts that will help you to navigate a wide range of new literary landscapes by developing habits of wandering productively. Our journey will take us from the classical world to 21st-century America, through a wide array of genres, and accompanied by many different types of speaker.

As we will seek to foster our individual literary critical voices, we may all end up at very different destinations but throughout we will be learning how best to make sense of even the most unexpected encounters.

What is the relationship between technology and the humanities? How can technology advance our understanding of language, literature, and culture?Briefly Discuss.

Describe the situation in which large and small firms would be more efficient with respect to size of Industrial units. Assess Industrial Policy of and explain how Schedule A, B, and C are different from one another.

Different Types of Reports Used in Business After thorough study, collection of all relevant facts and information and proper scrutiny and analysis of a problem relating to past or present, submission of the conclusions supported by statements and other relevant data etc.

is called a report, which offers suggestions for solution of the problem. Ans) Measurement may be classified into four different levels, based on the characteristics of order, distance and origin.

1. Nominal measurement this level of measurement consists in assigning numerals or symbols to different categories of a variable.

discuss the different types of business reports smu

smu Business communication. Topics: Nonverbal So, it is considered core among business skills. Memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions, employee manuals, and electronic mail are the types of written communication used for internal communication.

different types of business information, their sources and purposes. Dec 11,  · SMU MBA (Assignment Semester - I) - Business Communication (MB) [su_note note_color="#64ef94" radius="6"]Semester – MBA 1st Semester Subject code - MB Subject Name - Business Communication[/su_note] Q.

No 1 What are the various types of communication? Describe the classification of non-verbal communication? Ans.1 Types of Communication Broadly, communication . Business Communication Section A: Objective Type (30 marks) What are the different types of Business Reports?

5. What is Synopsis?

discuss the different types of business reports smu

END OF SECTION A Examination Paper: Semester II Discuss the main features involved in this case. Case let 2 I don’t want to speak to you. Connect me to your boss in the US,” hissed the American on the.

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