Food as the pivotal element to ceremonies and evens involving the living and the dead

This would explain why people of that time did not follow the common practice of cremation, but rather buried the dead. Some also believe they may have feared the bodies would rise again if mistreated after death. Sometimes multiple people and animals were placed in the same grave.

Food as the pivotal element to ceremonies and evens involving the living and the dead

For Christians, the baby is baptized. In the Jewish faith, if the child is male, a bris circumcision is performed. Following both of these ceremonies, it is common for the parents to host a party honoring these rituals. In China, babies are traditionally not bathed for three days.

On the third day, relatives are invited to view the newest family member. When the baby is thirty days old, an official celebration is held when friends join in the festivities.

Parents also present red eggs to guests that symbolize life and joy. Good luck charms, necklaces, and lockets are also frequently given.

Food as the pivotal element to ceremonies and evens involving the living and the dead

Tigers are a popular theme as they are symbols of strength and courage and the giver hopes the baby will grow up to be as strong and brave. Birthdays were believed to be filled with unknown dangers because they marked a time change from one year to the next.

Having a party surrounded the child with good friends and relatives who shower him with good wishes, scaring away evil spirits so they could not get close enough to do him harm. The baby is dressed in brightly colored new clothes with a round hat.

These clothes will often be embroidered in gold and silver threads. At the party, the baby is placed in the middle of a table on which many objects are placed. Whichever object the baby reaches for first is thought to show his future. For example, if the child reaches for a book, he will be a scholar; if the object first sought is an abacus, he may become a businessman.

The more elaborate and expensive the dishes, the more prestigious for the family. Chicken, duck, fish and vegetables are common. Noodles are always served at any Chinese birthday dinner as they signify a long life. The Chinese have a deep belief and many superstitions surrounding ancestor worship.

Included as a large part of this worship was the ritual feeding of the dead. Archeological remains at burial sites indicate that a large number of graves contained pottery serving vessels. At two particular sites of the Chou Zhou period — BCone near Sian and the other near Loyang, the overwhelming majority of graves contained vessels that served the whole range of foods.

These were in sets in individual burial graves, including vessels for cooking and serving grain li and kuivessels for serving meat dishes tou and vessels for drinking hu and kuan.Funerary boats are a part of some ancient Egyptian burials.

Boats played a major role in religion because they were conceived as the main means by which the gods traveled across the sky and through the netherworld. Other important social ceremonies with a religious dimension include births, weddings, funerals, circumcisions of young boys, and charity meals offered by wealthy people.

Death and the Afterlife. The dead are buried rapidly in a shroud. It is a very social event, which begins by cleaning the gravesite and decorating with flowers and well as preparing special foods such as pan de muertos (bread of the dead), for their departed. Family members gather at the cemetery to picnic and remember the dead by telling stories about them.".

Abe visits Darwin shrine to Japanese war dead.

Food as the pivotal element to ceremonies and evens involving the living and the dead

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