Four strategic pay policies

It is seen as a measure of equity and justice. Stockholders are focused on executive compensation.

Four strategic pay policies

Compensation Strategy The main purpose of compensation strategy is to give the right rewards for the right employee behaviors. Compensation is an important motivator when you reward people for achieving desired organizational results.

An effective management of compensation takes this into consideration. Rewards form an important part of compensation strategy.

It is said "that money is a powerful source of motivation. Imagine what the impact is if an employee is at the maximum point of his or her salary range. These employee will not get any salary adjustment unless they are promoted.

Desired behaviors are required in order to ensure organizational effectiveness. In turn, this increases productivity and, thus, organizational success.

A good compensation strategy reinforces the organizational culture that you desire. This is an enabling organizational culture under which pay is linked to performance.

Such a policy becomes all the more important in the determination of CEO compensation. Clearly define the objectives of your rewards system in order to determine what strategies to adopt. All of these are communicated to everyone in the organization as soon as any such decision is taken.

It can happen that good decisions fail to achieve results due to poor communication. By providing the right combination of benefits of a non-cash compensation, your organization can motivate employees and make them stay to help in its progress.

What is the compensation strategy applicable and how do HR strategies fit in? Use compensation strategy to attract and retain Employees There are two types of rewards, monetary and non-monetary. Monetary rewards include salary, bonus, commissions, medical and health benefits, holidays, and retirement benefits.

Among the non-monetary rewards are meaningful and challenging works, recognition and career advancement, safe and healthy working environment, and fair treatment.

Use compensation strategy to attract and retain competent and talented people. Offer a salary that is not lower than the market rates or at least equivalent.

Four strategic pay policies

But no two positions are the same in value especially when you are making comparison with another organization.

When you want better customer service, reward employee behaviors that produce the desired results such as superior service. Do not harp on the amount of salary you pay you people yet at the same expect good performance.

Your people will sense that there is insincerity on the part of management. Match the written policy with the right and appropriate actions that demonstrate to your employees that you are a fair and just employer.

Take this into account as part of your compensation strategy. When people notice inequities, their morale and motivation will suffer. Do not make it worse by maintaining pay secrecy. This indicates that you may not have an objective and defensible compensation system.

Researches had shown that pay secrecy generates mistrust, and reduces motivation and organizational effectiveness.VA Plans, Budget, and Performance VA Strategic Plan The VA FY Strategic Plan describes the major efforts the Department will undertake through the next five to seven years to deliver tailored and desired outcomes for Veterans.

Develop and document specific policies for selected groups. Develop and document a strategy for merit raises and other pay increases, such as cost-of-living adjustments, bonuses, annual reviews, and promotions.

Develop and document procedures to justify the policy (e.g., performance appraisal forms, a merit raise schedule). Pricing Strategy One of the four major elements of the marketing mix is price. Pricing is an important strategic issue because it is related to product positioning.

Four strategic pay policies Four strategic pay policies You are the compensation director for the New York Fruit Pies Company, which has employees and is located in a small city of 50, in a rural agricultural part of New York State/5(K). Discuss each of the strategic policies as they would apply to your company.

Are there any goals that your compensation system should incorporate? (Points: 30) Internal alignment, external competitiveness, employee contributions, and management of the pay system are the four strategic pay policies that employers must deal with as they aim to create the best possible pay policy for their specific .

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