Franzosenbusch heritage project essay

An scrutiny of the roots of these motions and of the beliefs. Throughout the 19th and early twentieth centuries. It is at this point that the issues of Black Nationalism arise.

Franzosenbusch heritage project essay

Before the Euro-Americans Arrive The land is buried beneath thousands of feet of glacier. The glacier moves inch by inch on its patient march to the south. The soil is scraped and sculpted by the heavy, moving ice.

Franzosenbusch heritage project essay

Change is slow, but it comes. After a time the sun warms the air and, ever so slowly, the ice melts and the glacier recedes. An alkaline till is left behind from the grinding and churning of dolomite rock scraped up by the glaciers. Shortly after the glaciers retreated this is the land of the Woolly Mammoth and the last place on earth where the mastodons roam before their extinction.

The last Mastodon to live on this planet may have been born and died near the area of Wolf Road Prairie. The rich fertile black soil is built up from the 10, years of growth and decay of the grassland plants which move into Chicago area's flattened alkaline landscape after the big ice retreat.

Woodlands grow in other areas with savannas filling the interface between the woods and predominant prairies. Beavers, wolf, elk, coyote, cougar and other animals follow the rebirth of the plant life.

As does man. The first humans are the Native Americans. Franzosenbusch heritage project essay find the land rich and desirable.

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For thousands of years Native Americans are one with the land. They recognize the prairie is both their friend and their enemy, but they find a balance. Natural prairie fires can decimate a village, but if they first carefully burn the area of planned village, and keep it clear of combustibles, the enemy is controlled.

The prairie becomes their friend. Explorers and Trappers Humans bring more changes to the land. It is the French explorer who names the wide open grasslands of the area prairie, from the French word for meadow.

Trappers of fur find the area a good source for animal pelts as Europeans migrate to the East Coast to find colonies.

Franzosenbusch heritage project essay

More immigrate and, along with the descendents of the earlier settlers, form a nation. Nations vie for the control of lands in all directions, but here change continues to be slow.

A few earlier events occurred across the ocean that would impact the area.

Franzosenbusch Heritage Project - Westchester - Illinois

Nicholas Torode is born on the French-speaking Channel Island of Guernsey in Francewhere he marries and all his children were born, except his son Philander. In he moves to the United States, eventually settling in Ohio in In he visits northeastern Illinois.

He purchases a tract of land in and moves to this tract in He was one of the first settlers of York Township. In our area many, particularly from the Kingdom of Hannover Hanover, Germanyarrive in the area.

When placing a name on the area it is noted that while the area at that time is predominately German there exists one French man, Nicholas Torode. This name was generally applied to the area between the homesteads of Torode, Parsell and Covelle is the area.

While the area is never incorporated into a village, the Franzosenbusch name is used for many years. In the s and the early s this naming follows the custom of the day.

Unincorporated areas are named for the township, in this case Proviso Township. The children spend more time walking to and from school than in the classroom. In several Franzosenbusch families petition the Zion Church to establish a schoolhouse at Franzosenbusch. Permission is granted in That same year classes begin in the home of Heinrich Degener.

There for three days a week Teacher Bartling gave instruction, and after him came "Teacher Hahn. There were 15 pupils.

Free Dissertations The new Franzosenbusch Heritage website is available at www. The different construction periods of the Prairie House depict more than years of human history against the backdrop of Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve.

In the latter part of40 acres of land were purchased for a church and school, and the site now occupied by the fine school building was selected as the place for the first structure.Franzosenbusch Heritage Project Essay. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. Literature plays an of import function in edifying persons sing the state of affairs of their society.

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The community room of the Westchester Community Church is named after the Fields. ashio-midori.comsenbusch Heritage submitted by Shirley E.

Slanker, Historian PUBLIC WORKS JANUARY Franzosenbusch Heritage Project Literature plays an important role in enlightening individuals regarding the situation of their society. These written works substantially help an .

"The mission of the Franzosenbusch Heritage Project is to preserve and restore the two-room schoolhouse located within FranzosenbuschPrairie House. The purpose of the museum, library and archives is to collect, study, interpret and exhibit material relating to the history of the House and area and to provide related educational services for.

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