How to write a rap song like eminem and rihanna

The song received both critical and commercial success and topped the US Billboard Hot chart for seven consecutive weeks.

How to write a rap song like eminem and rihanna

Writing and production[ edit ] Rihanna's approval of the song's topic ultimately influenced her decision to work with Eminem.

Development of "Love the Way You Lie" began with the backing track and hook melody, which was created by the British hip hop producer Alex da Kid. The drums are sampled from live recordings he saves. He told Sound on Sound magazine that this song had given him an opportunity to reintroduce live guitar in hip hop music.

He chose it and told his manager Paul Rosenberg he wanted to collaborate with the Barbadian singer Rihanna. He preferred to make few changes; for "Love the Way You Lie" he almost exclusively used board compression and console equalization.

Strange used the Bricasti and Eventide Reverb mixing tools for "brighter" reverberation. Detroit musician Luis Resto has contributed to the arrangement on many of Eminem's songs, but did not do so for "Love the Way You Lie".

According to Strange, "Everything we needed was already in the track, apart from the vocals. The American songwriter Makeba Riddick provided additional vocal production. He assumed that Rihanna was satisfied with her recorded vocals and did not make major changes on her seven stereo vocal tracks.

Backed by an electric guitar and a piano, [2] [20] Rihanna sings the second half of the chorus in a sad voice without vibrato. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry But that's alright, because I love the way you lie.

Guess that they don't know ya, cause today that was yesterday. An editor for Rap-Up listed it among the four best tracks from the album. Michael Menachem of Billboard complimented her "exquisitely melodic and surprisingly hopeful" vocal performance and "Eminem's dark, introspective" rapping.

Critics have commented on the message in the lyrics. He praised Eminem's accuracy and understanding of the topic. Or, is it something uncomfortable in between? She believed that because popular culture often depicts what is socially acceptable, people may accept such violence more easily.

She added, "One problem, though, The song spent 47 weeks on the chart.

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We wanted to make a specific story about two people—Meg and Dom—not a video that was representative of all couples or all domestic violence situations. I'm not saying that all couples fight this way. I just want people just to be able to identify with the characters and recognize that they've seen relationships like this where two people are together that are completely wrong for each other and things spiral out of control.

Megan was the key to this video. I'll tell you as a director the reason why [Fox and Monaghan's] scenes in the video feel so real is because in the moment they were real.

Rihanna sings the chorus in front of a burning house, while an interspersing scene shows fire on a woman's Fox palms. In another scene, the woman is asleep with her lover Monaghan and wakes up.

As Eminem begins to rap in an open field, the woman attacks her lover after seeing the name "Cindy" and a phone number written on his hand. The man then pushes her onto the wall and aims his fist at her, puncturing the wall instead.

how to write a rap song like eminem and rihanna

After Rihanna sings again, the video flashes back to when the couple first meet "at a seedy dive bar next door" to a liquor store.

During the present, the man apologizes to his lover and they are reconciled. In another flashback, he attacks someone who plays pool with his lover. Meanwhile, after the flashback, the woman comes home and locks herself in the bathroom to stop her abusive lover from entering.

In another scene, the fire on her palms vanishes as she clasps her hands. Flames later engulf Eminem and the couple, [93] who are then shown fighting in front of the burning house. In the end, the couple stays together and the video returns to their first scene, in which they sleep.

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Ultimately, what I think [Eminem]'s trying to say in the song Writing for Rolling Stone magazine, Daniel Kreps called it "especially striking" and noted her relationship with Brown. Music wrote that Fox's character alternated between vulnerable and confrontational personalities, while Monaghan's character is similar to Eminem.

He said the team had been conscious of such personal matters and Fox's and Monaghan's characters are only significant to each other.Sep 08,  · How to Write a Rap Song Four Parts: Writing Lyrics Picking Beats Putting it Together Sample Rap Songs Community Q&A Rap songs often come off as effortless, but they actually require a lot of time and effort to write%().

Eminem, AKA Marshall Mathers, AKA Slim Shady, is an American rapper, originally from Missouri. He is without a doubt, the most notorious and influential white rapper in hip-hop, challenging the stereotypes of rap .

Though I am not a fan of rap this is the second Eminem song I enjoyed when he mixed his rap with a female artist. I think this style of music is becoming more prevalent today but I remember years ago seeing Eminem and Dido perform STAN on Saturday Night Live.

Eminem is one of the most controversial and popular rap artist of our time. He is being ridiculed and attacked from more than one cirle of society, while at the same time, he is being able to break the charts and shatter the sales records at will. Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, is a white rapper who managed to pierce the hip-hop industry.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, AKA Eminem note, AKA Slim Shady (born October 17, ) is a popular rapper from Detroit, Michigan.. Mathers had a troubled childhood, raised on welfare in abject poverty by his mother who emotionally and physically abused him. His father walked out on the family when he was a baby.

Even if you could, you shouldn't try to rap like Em, or Jay or any artist for that matter. Rap, or any genre of music, requires skill, talent, knowledge and respect (for the art) to be able to perform. How do I write rap songs and rap like Eminem? Update Cancel. ad by Chartio. How can I bring perfection in Rap song writing? How can I. Eminem, AKA Marshall Mathers, AKA Slim Shady, is an American rapper, originally from Missouri. He is without a doubt, the most notorious and influential white rapper in hip-hop, challenging the stereotypes of rap . Nothing like a little reunion! Stars from both TV and film are constantly reuniting in Hollywood, whether it be on a red carpet or for a new project.

The family switched homes every two months before they settled down. As Eminem's reputation grew, he was recruited by several rap groups; the first was the New Jacks. After they disbanded he joined Soul Intent, who released a single on their self-titled EP featuring Proof.

Eminem and Proof then teamed up with four other rappers to form The Dirty Dozen (), who released their first album Devil's Night in

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