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Religious messages and ritualistic symbology of Indian dance Indian dance has a strong Hindu influence. Hindu is not like other major world religions as it seeks to advance beyond the temporal world and unify with the spiritual existence of all living things.

Indian first country before self essay writer

The tragedy of the Native Americans is in the loss of their old world under the pressures of the New World.

General Characteristics

The first decades on the new millennium mark the new era in the history of the Native Americans. Modern days will determine whether the Indian tradition will manage to rise from the ashes or fall into decay. The twenty-first-century Indians still struggle against the assimilation and for their indigenous national and cultural identity attempting to be in unity both with their roots and new geopolitical formations on the territories of both Americas.

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The history of the Native Americans is the story of loss and struggle, blood and pain Kuiper Nowadays, they represent only one percent of the total population. The numbers are drastic and eloquent. To the greatest regret, an immense part of the Indian culture has been lost to the aforementioned factors.

Being both a minority and marginal group, the Native Americans struggle to withstand the pressure of other nationalities and cultures in an attempt to preserve the remains of their heritage and revitalize their traditions and worldview.

Each tribe and its nation use different and in many ways unique languages as well as belief systems.

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On the one hand, they account for the cultural variety; on the other hand, they signify the dispersed nature of the Indian culture. The fragmentation of nations and tribes occurred as a result of the Indian Removal initiative of the U. The elimination and assimilation are the two major forces that threatened the Indians in those times.

Unfortunately, the latter one — assimilation — is a permanent and still present threat. When deprived of the tribal environment and natural living conditions, the tradition fades.

Since the assimilated Indians are rarely the bearers of the cultural heritage, there is an imminent danger for the indigenous Native American legacy to be lost forever. In this respect, it would be important to assess and address the Indians through the lens of each of the present pressures.

Population and Identity One of the biggest issues for the contemporary Indians is their quantity. People are the transmitters of the national heritage and keepers of the national tradition. When population fades, it de-facto threatens with the cultural losses and the fade of the culture per se.

Moreover, most of the Indian heritage is oral which presupposes the vital importance of humans as the carriers of knowledge through generations, from the ancestors to descendants. The censuses of the last half a century show a disturbing trend for the Indian population decline. Sporadic attempts of other groups to testify their identity and win official recognition enlarged the list with adding few more, but not many, tribes to the total number Luebering The Census listed 4.

This number comprises both unmixed and mixed-race individuals The Harvard Project Evidently, the human resources of the Native Americans are scarce, although, they manage to preserve whatever legacy they can in the national consciousness, memory, practices, and rituals.

The tribes have recently begun asserting the political sovereignty. The period in the newest Native American history is referred to as the self-determination era.

It has begun about four decades ago and lasted up until nowadays.The Face of the Modern-Day Indian Country. The history of the American Indians had started long before the continent was discovered and named America, and the first British settlers came ashore.

The tragedy of the Native Americans is in the loss of their old world under the pressures of the New World. Sample by My Essay Writer The “Address to Indian First National Congress ” was written by W.C. Bonnerji and was mainly about the changed political minds of members in the First National Congress.

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indian first country before self essay writer

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