Sensing and control essay

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Sensing and control essay

It discusses some of the motives for mind control and why it continues. Part II of the series, " Resisting the Mind Control State ," describes some methods to protest and resist mind control abuses and atrocities.

Part III, " Mental Firewalls ," discusses some of the techniques victims have developed to survive the ongoing torture operations.

For the purposes of this essay, mind control refers to any method used nonconsensually on a victim to covertly and deniably attempt to control or modify that person's behavior.

This occurs in settings where a person has a reasonable expectation not to be violated, such as in his or her home or in his or her private mentation. It is this sort of violation that differentiates a mind control crime from an ordinary social interaction, just as the lack of consent turns sex into rape.

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Consider "street theater" as an example. Street theater refers to a form of harassment where a group of torturers act out little skits, either literally on the street or on the internet, in the media, etc. So if a group of people act out "street theater" to a random person to disturb him or her then, while this might be a crime, I would not necessarily call it mind control.

It is when surveillance is combined with the "skits" to both track a person over time for harassment and to obtain personal information about a person to be used in the harassment that I would say a mind control operation is being carried out.

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Of course there are many sorts of mind control operations, but they all tend to have this sort of feedback setup: It is a classic sort of feedback setup that might be described in terms of the mathematical and engineering fields of control theory, at least in the abstract sense.

The surveillance devices can range from phone taps, audio and video bugs in a home or car, internet monitoring, and basic tracking devices, all the way up to advanced satellite surveillance methods, super-sensitive electromagnetic sensor systems with computer analysis, and devices implanted in people's bodies without their consent.

The "effector" or the control variables can range from harassing phone calls, street theater, rumor spreading, power-line dimming, and internet messages all the way up to harassment with microwave devices, acoustic weapons, messages in the media such as TV and newspapers, projecting "voices" to a person that only he or she can hear, and direct brain stimulation and manipulation.

Other mind control methods use techniques such as hypnosis and drugs to influence people, but the methods all have the common thread of the denied and deniable attack against the mind of an individual.

The purpose of this essay is not to specifically describe the methods of mind control. More specifics will be given in the later essays of this series, and one can consult books and articles by various authors for the documented history of mind control technology and operations in the U.

See, for example, the articles at the Mind Control: Technology, Techniques, and Politics web site at http: Even if you do not believe that all of this is currently happening -- though it is -- you should still be concerned.

Based on public, open sources it is clear to almost anyone that the technology will be available in the near future. But there are victims now. You do not even have to think the U. For the purposes of this essay, I assume that the reader has a general grasp of the type of mind control manipulations being discussed and I consider possible motivations a harasser, monitor, or controller or group thereof might have to commit such vicious crimes.Sensing, Navigation and Reasoning Technologies navigation and control.

Preliminary work in each of these areas, in the National Qualifying Event, but encountered a combination of sensing and control issues in the Grand Challenge Event that led to a critical failure after traversing approximately 8 .

Sensing and control essay

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SHANKAR SASTRY, FELLOW, IEEE Invited Paper Sensor networks are gaining a central role in the research. These design enhancements to the Orbiter oxygen sensing and control system should result in significant cost savings.

The savings are a result of increased life of the basic sensor, maximization of the useful sensor output range through increased amplifier gain and streamlined production methods. A method for online force sensing based on inverse kinetostatic solution is also proposed and assistive telemanipulation control methods for microstent delivery are presented.

The modeling framework uses polynomial approximation and linear interpolation based on elliptic integral solutions to the deflection of lightweight beams.

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