Smpv rule india

Explosive Department, Inspectiom Companies and Minsitry participated and discussed on this in detail to arrive at the parameters and testing methods for inspection under Rule 19 for vessels in operation.

Smpv rule india

The suit challenges the licensing of Gardasil and Cervarix for use in the private sector of India. Details of the pending case are outlined below in a press release published by petitioners Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and V.

Press Release January 7, The petition challenging their licensing for use in the private sector and attempts to introduce them in the public sector has been filed by Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and V.

Rather than looking at safety and efficacy of these vaccines in India, this project was meant to influence the government to adopt these vaccines for introduction in the public sector.

Smpv rule india

The petitioners are represented by the well known public interest senior advocate Colin Gonsalves of Human Rights Law Network who presented the case before the Supreme Court on January 7, The Supreme Court admitted the case and has asked the Government of India to immediately file its reply in the matter.

This project was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF who had substantial stakes in Merck that produced Smpv rule india vaccine and hence there was a direct conflict of interest.

The unethical nature of the study and deaths of girls became the subject of Governmental enquiry in when the matter was repeatedly raised by activists. Hence a petition was filed under article 32 of the Constitution by them. Hazards of the vaccines and unproven benefits: The vaccines are genetically engineered and their hazards are unknown even to the scientific communities.

Though r-DNA has been detected in Gardasil in samples from many countries including India, in their application for licensing MSD pharmaceuticals claimed that there was no hazard because there was no r-DNA. GlaxoSmithKline uses a novel technique for producing Cervarix which involves the use of insect cells.

Their product information admitted to their vaccine containing insect cells and proteins only in July though the vaccine was already in use since These residues or adventitious agents enter the blood stream when the vaccine is injected and are acknowledged to have the capacity to cause infections, tumours and cancer.

What is noteworthy is that neither of these vaccines has been studied to determine their potential to cause cancer. In addition, the Drugs Controller has not even set standards of acceptable limits for such contamination in vaccines on the basis of which he could have found them safe for licensing.


Though both the vaccines are claimed to prevent cervical cancer, the truth is that cervical cancer takes twenty or more years to develop and the vaccines have just not been around that long to prove their efficacy in preventing cancer.

But what is known with certainty is that if these vaccines are given to women who already are infected with the virus then they do raise the incidence of cervical cancer among those women.

Statutory Inspection, Hydrostatic Testing & Recertification Under Smpv (u) Rule Of 06 Nos. Of Horton Spheres Installed At Ongc C2c3 Plant, Dahej Sez-ii Steel Authority of India, Delhi. Tender For De-coiling / Straightening / Cutting Of Tmt Coils Of Sizes 8/10/12mm At Wh Kalamboli: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Maharashtra. Statutory Inspection of Bullets & Horton Spheres under SMPV Rule 18, 19 & We have been awarded and recognized as the Competent Persons approved by Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE), Nagpur under SMPV Rule 18, 19 & 33 for Testing, Inspection & Certification of Bullets/ Horton Spheres. propane horton sphere as per smpv (u) rule required by ccoe nagpur at lpg recovery plant at gail (india) limited, vijaipur 2 instructions from EIC for various jobs.

Gardasil was first licensed in the USA in June This licensing was done on fast track with numerous conflicts of interests not only on the review board but also in that that the vaccine patent was held in PPP and the FDA itself as a part of the health department would benefit from the sales.

Both vaccines were licensed for use among girls and women in India on the basis of very small studies that flouted even the liberalized Indian law. This law allows easy access to the Indian market for drugs and vaccines produced by multi-national companies once they are approved in the home country.

In this law also made it possible for multi-national companies to hold trials for unapproved drugs in India simultaneous to international trials.Gas Cylinder Rules In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 5 and 7 of the Explosives Act, (4 of ) and in suppression of the Gas Cylinders Rules, , except in respect things done or omitted to be done before such super‐session, the Central Government hereby nukes the following rules, namely.

His clients ranges from Reliance, L&T, Essar, Suzlon, Air India, Siemens, Welspun and is associated with them as consultants in the area of L&D, HR facilitation and performance enhancement. INSPECTION & ISSUE OF SAFETY CERTIFICATES UNDER RULES 18, 19, 33 & 44 OF SMPV (U) RULES, 1.

SPIC Pharmaceuticals Division – Cuddalore 2.

Gujarat Factory Act, 1948

Approved by PESO under Rule 12(2), 18, 19, 33 43 & 44(2) of SMPV (U) Rules, Awards and Recognitions: Best Inspection agency awarded by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) – Rams Safety Consultants (RSC), Started in the year , Rams Safety Consultants (RSC) is one of the earliest SAFETY CONSULTANCY firms established in India to meet the specific demands and requirements of the industries in the area of safety.

RSC is a leading organization in the field of Safety and Inspection.

Smpv rule india

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Statutory Inspection of Storage Spheres