Sunnie and shia divide essay

Islam Explain the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Where do the Shia geographically reside generally?

Sunnie and shia divide essay

These two main sects share many beliefs and practices but also differ, with the split between them originating from the death of the Prophet Mohammed in the year AD.

Sunni, who make up 85 per cent of the world's muslims, believe the Caliphs chosen from among his close Companions were the rightful successors. The Shia venerate the fourth Caliph - the Prophet's cousin and son-in-law, Imam Ali - and Ali's son Hussein, who was defeated and killed in a bid to take leadership for himself.

Sunnie and shia divide essay

Al-Qaeda and its off-shoots are Sunni supremacist organisations, and their rise has split the Sunni world. In Iraq, a Sunni minority ruled over the Shiite majority for years, until the allied invasion overthrew Saddam Hussein, who was Sunni. With democratic elections, Shia parties were able to dominate the new politics.

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In Syria, Sunni Muslims are in a large majority, but the country has been ruled for the last 45 years by members of the Alawite sect, a Shia off-shoot. The Iranians have become the backers of last resort for the Assad regime, leading to a massive strengthening of Shia influence in the country, even though non-Alawite Shia make up less than five per cent of the population.

But on the ground, the war is between Hizbollah and similar Shia militias, and Al-Qaeda and other Sunni militants. Governments choose between them - or find themselves caught between the two.Sunni-Shi'a Split. Time Period- to CE Conflict Type- Religious Underlying Causes- · Resentments began to build over how the booty from the conquests should be divided among the tribal groups that made up the Islamic community which came from sudden successes of Muslim armies and the sudden rise of the Arab empire.

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The majority of the world’s Muslim population follows the Sunni branch of Islam, and approximately % of all Muslims follow the Shiite (Shi’ite, Shi’a, Shia) branch.

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One of the factors behind the most recent violence in Iraq is the sectarian divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims in that country.. The majority of Iraq's Muslims are Shia, and the Isis militants. Essay about Shi'ite Sunni Conflict; Sunni Shia Conflict Essay Words | 4 Pages.

The divide between the the Sunni and Shiite which has existed for centuries is one of the most prevalent aspects of Islam. Members of the two sects have co-existed for centuries .

Sunnie and shia essay