The role and importance of a musical score in films

Imagine Inception or The Social Network without a soundtrack. Both of those movies feature intense, prominent and well utilized scores, and both were successful films. Ever since the invention of feature-length movies, music has played a prominent role in film. Compelling scores kept people interested during the silent film era, and that trend ultimately carried over into talkies, despite the ability to utilize dialogue.

The role and importance of a musical score in films

FilmiMasala filmand Music of Bollywood An exception to the decline of the musical film is Indian cinemaespecially the Bollywood film industry based in Mumbai formerly Bombaywhere the majority of films have been and still are musicals.

The majority of films produced in the Tamil industry based in Chennai formerly MadrasSandalwood based in BangaloreTelugu industry based in Hyderabadand Malayalam industry are also musicals. Early sound films s—s [ edit ] Melodrama and romance are common ingredients to Bollywood films.

The role and importance of a musical score in films

The next year, he made another colour film, a version of Mother India. However, colour did not become a popular feature until the late s. At this time, lavish romantic musicals and melodramas were the staple fare at the cinema. Kapoor and Kumar are among the greatest and most influential movie stars in the history of Indian cinema[10] [11] while Nargis is one of its greatest actresses.

These films expressed social themes mainly dealing with working-class life in Indiaparticularly urban life in the former two examples; Awaara presented the city as both a nightmare and a dream, while Pyaasa critiqued the unreality of city life.

Classic Bollywood s—s [ edit ] By the start of the s, Hindi cinema was experiencing thematic stagnation, [22] dominated by musical romance films. The masala film was pioneered in the early s by filmmaker Nasir Hussain[28] along with screenwriter duo Salim-Javed, [27] pioneering the Bollywood blockbuster format.

Manmohan Desai went on to successfully exploit the genre in the s and s. Its blend of youthfulness, wholesome entertainment, emotional quotients and strong melodies lured family audiences back to the big screen. The three Khans have had successful careers since the late s, [37] and have dominated the Indian box office since the s, [39] across three decades.

The critical and financial success of Moulin Rouge! Spanish musical films[ edit ] Spain has a history and tradition of musical films that were made independent of Hollywood influence.

The first films arise during the Second Spanish Republic of the s and the advent of sound films.

The 1,000 Greatest Films (A-B) Background[ edit ] According to interviews included as an extra feature on the film's DVD release, theatre producer Margo Lion first conceived of Hairspray as a stage musical in after seeing the original film on television. Lion contacted Marc Shaiman, who expressed interest in the project only if his partner Scott Wittman could participate, and Lion agreed.
Films & Events | The Loft Cinema Wellman, 83 minutes, Warner Bros. It was a box-office smash and one of the earliest and best of the genre of gangster films.
Departments As we are subjected to constant sound bytes almost anywhere we go, from radio to television, iPhones to iPods, bursting movie theater speakers to loud restaurant conversation, our ears become inundated with noise and desensitized and thus start to lose a highly evolved perception of sound relative to silence which is golden. Further, we must give attention to how much more of a role sound design and loud sound effects now play in film.

A few zarzuelas Spanish operetta were even adapted as screenplays during the silent era. The beginnings of the Spanish musical were focused on romantic Spanish archetypes: Andalusian villages and landscapes, gypsys, "bandoleros", and copla and other popular folk songs included in story development.

These films had even more box-office success than Hollywood premieres in Spain. The first Spanish film stars came from the musical genre: The Spanish musical started to expand and grow. Juvenile stars appear and top the box-office. Due to Spanish transition to democracy and rise of " Movida culture ", the musical genre felt into a decadence of production and box-office, only saved by Carlos Saura and his flamenco musical films.

Soviet musical film under Stalin[ edit ] Unlike the musical films of Hollywood and Bollywood, popularly identified with escapism, the Soviet musical was first and foremost a form of propaganda.

Vladimir Lenin said that cinema was "the most important of the arts. Films were widely popular in the s, but it was foreign cinema that dominated the Soviet filmgoing market.

Films from Germany and the U. A struggle between laughter for laughter's sake and entertainment with a clear ideological message would define the golden age of the Soviet musical of the s and s.

Then-head of the film industry Boris Shumyatsky sought to emulate Hollywood's conveyor belt method of production, going so far as to suggest the establishment of a Soviet Hollywood. The American films greatly impacted Aleksandrov, particularly the musicals.

The film was light on plot and focused more on the comedy and musical numbers. Party officials at first met the film with great hostility.

Aleksandrov defended his work by arguing the notion of laughter for laughter's sake. Messages like the importance of collective labor and rags-to-riches stories would become the plots of most Soviet musicals.

Shumyatsky's decree "Movies for the Millions" demanded conventional plots, characters, and montage to successfully portray Socialist Realism the glorification of industry and the working class on film.Most music in films can be heard in the background of a scene, or sometimes it takes center stage in an action sequence, but either way the right music does make a statement.

The most common style. For instance, Blaxploitation films feature music by African American artists, The Twilight Saga films contained a lot of slow, angsty ballads, while Disney’s Hercules employed a gospel sound for its songs. The style of music needs to complement the plot, themes, visual style, and genre conventions.

Big Deal: Bob Fosse and Dance in the American Musical (Broadway Legacies) [Kevin Winkler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bob Fosse () is recognized as one of the most significant figures in post-World War II American musical theater. With his first Broadway musical.

Hairspray is an American musical with music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman and a book by Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan, based on John Waters’s film of the same songs include s-style dance music and "downtown" rhythm and Baltimore, Maryland, plump teenager Tracy Turnblad's dream is to dance on The Corny Collins Show, a local TV .

Lipscomb & Tolchinsky The role of music communication in cinema Pre-Press version: July 7, A model of music communication Many studies have investigated various aspects of musical communication as a form of. Due to the limitations of adding a musical score to a film's soundtrack during and , no score had ever been composed specifically for the film.

The music heard during the opening credits, an excerpt from Act II of Tchaikovsky 's Swan Lake, was re-used in for another Universal horror film, The Mummy.

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