The unreasonable price of college textbooks

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The unreasonable price of college textbooks

Tweet on Twitter Update: You can currently get a pretty nice discount at Amazon.

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Being a college student is not only stressful come exam season, but also terribly expensive. Considering this, is it even possible for a student to go through college without having to shell out thousands of dollars?

The answer to that is yes. Pre-loved textbooks can be acquired in a number of ways; typically they can be found at the used section of your local bookstore.

Another possibility is for you to purchase it directly from a previous student; textbook buy and sell groups are a thing—you can easily find the books that you need on sites such as Facebook or even your local Craigslist.

The bottom line is, buying second-hand texts can save you a large amount of hard earned money. Similar to a library system, the only catch to it is that you do have to pay a small rental fee in order to use it.

However, in contrast to the costly purchase prices, the amount required for renting a textbook is generally fairly tame; in most cases, it will only be a fraction of the retail price.

Luckily for us, there are many online websites out there that provide the same service more often than not, with free shipping! General Overview of Amazon. Founded over two decades ago in by Jeff Bezos, the Seattle based company was originally established as an e-commerce website for the purposes of online shopping.

They have even created their own line of consumer electronics such as the Fire tablets, and the popular Kindle e-readers.

In fact, they were listed as being the ninth most valuable company in the world as of ! With the new program, users are able to borrow textbooks from the company for periods of up to days; they simply have to ship it back to the Amazon warehouse after their final exams are over.

Dedicated to offering students the best prices for their books, Amazon even extends its Prime benefits to textbook rentals; for students who are Prime members, expedited shipping is free!

The unreasonable price of college textbooks

How do I Rent a Textbook from Amazon. In order to rent a book from the online giant, you first have to access their textbook page. To do so, go to Amazon. Do note that the rental price may differ depending on the specific book format.

If the textbook is eligible for Amazon prime, you should also see the familiar yellow check and blue text next to the item.

For instance, it states where the book is coming from e. Amazon warehouse, etc and the fees for book extensions, should you find yourself needing to extend the rental afterwards. The due date possibly the most important piece of information is also shown in red beneath the title.

As of right now, Amazon. Shortly afterwards, you will be brought to the payment screen. How do I Return a Textbook to Amazon. Just print out the return label as well as the packaging slip, and slap it on the outside of the box with the slip on the insideafter placing your books inside.

After that, all you have to do is bring the packaged items to your local postal carrier office to be shipped—just make sure to do so before the due date! You will be charged an additional fee for extending your textbook should you decide to go for it. · College campuses across the country have started the fall semester and although tuition has been paid, students are still expected to dish hundreds of dollars more on Find your books Our price quotes are valid for 7 days, guaranteed!

2. Get free shipping Head to TextbookRush, where it’s easy to buy, rent or sell college textbooks. Search for your book. Type the name, ISBN, author or keyword of your book into the search bar at the top of the page. Since electrical engineering and psychology the aria aure deh per pieta from opera guilio cesare Mostly college level.

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North Carolina had an “anti-gouging law,” which made it illegal to sell anything useful at a price that was “unreasonably excessive under the circumstances.”.

· The average American college student spends $1, on textbooks and supplies per year, according to the College Board. I probably don’t have to tell you that, though — most of The Daily’s reviews of Penn Foster written by students.

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