Thesis helper in india

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Thesis helper in india

History[ edit ] As per historical evidences and the genealogy maintained by the Sayyids who migrated to India from the Middle Eastthe history of Shia Islam in India traces long back, around years. The rulers of various dynasties of India and also in the 11th century the rulers of Multan and Sindh and all the Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad were adherents of Shia Islam.

Even though Hussein ibn Ali himself was not able to go to Indiasome of the Shia did emigrate there for various reasons, including those who came as refugees from Umayyads and Abbasids persecution. This made some people weep in the army of Yazid.

Still her shrine in LahorePunjab of Pakistanis visited by people all around and she is referred as Bibi Pak Daman.

Thesis helper in india

There were also rebels and nobles who lost royal favour and migrated to Mughal Empire. The Mughals also preferred to employ foreign Muslim officials that had no local interests and thus were loyal to the Mughal emperor.

Persecution[ Thesis helper in india ] Shiites in India faced persecution by some local rulers of various muslim dynasties which resulted in the martyrdom of Indian Shia scholars like Qazi Nurullah Shustari also known as Shaheed-e-Thaalis, the third Martyr and Mirza Muhammad Kamil Dehlavi also known as Shaheed-e- Rabay, the fourth Martyr who are two of the five martyrs of Shia Islam.

In post-Independence IndiaShias are free to profess their faith without any restriction, and Ashura is an observed as a holiday in many parts of the country, however, some degree of persecution remains in Kashmir region of India by the majority Sunni community.

In KashmirAshura Procession has been banned by the government. Hussein ibn Ali welcomed him and immediately confirmed his Indian Identity. Hussein ibn Ali then goes on to praise India and its people in the following words: For this reason the merchant holds himself morally responsible for assisting Hussein ibn Ali in any possible way when the latter is in trouble.

Hussein ibn Ali appreciated gesture, but discouraged the merchant from taking up arms in following words: In this country you are the treasure of India. With tear filled eyes the traveler said: What have you said in passion, Why should my eyes doubt your fidelity? My lord is aware of my conscience.

This has been the guiding principle for the People of the Cloak or Ahl al-Kisa. The Birthdate of Ali is not recognized as public holiday by any country other than IndiaAzerbaijan and Iran. It is also a known fact that when Saddam mercilessly quelled a Shia uprising inthe world media remained silent and damage to the shrines of Hussein ibn Ali and his half-brother Al-Abbas ibn Aliin the course of Baathist attempts to flush out Shia rebels was a tightly kept secret of the Saddam regime but Indian media Doordarshan was the only network in the world to have shown that footage.

The attitude of the government towards Muslims especially in Maharashtra came in for criticism. Shias claim they have been sidelined by the Sunni -dominated law board, which was set up in Shiites also have different Mosques and Burial grounds in India. Azim Hashim Premjibeing 3rd richest Indian, belongs to Shia community.

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Thesis helper in india
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