What comprise an effective and meaningful reflective essay

So when you are writing a reflective essay, the whole write up will be in the past tense, except when you are talking about your repercussion from the chosen experiences. Here, you have to use all your dexterity to give descriptions.

What comprise an effective and meaningful reflective essay

Still a few too many comma issues. And if I see one more misuse of the word their… I know it could be better. But this takes forever. And it sometimes takes my attention away from the writing itself——from the ideas and the structure and the heart of the message.

I want to be able to glance quickly at the grammar, see the critical errors, and have a quick and painless way of moving forward to help that student. Whole-class grammar lessons are only useful for a handful of students. If I teach a lesson on comma splices, I run the risk of losing half the class.

Her system was made in the true spirit of workshop——lessons drawn from patterns of error in student work, instruction delivered in conferences. But I struggle to give extemporaneous, bite-sized, simple explanations of grammar in 1: Students make the same errors from paper to paper, so the data I collected was representative of the general learning that needed to take place.

For feedback, I left three broad comments for each student: The editing focus was a grammar, mechanics, or usage comment. Keep in mind, these were final drafts. Students had received much more extensive praise and feedback on initial drafts! Enter editing portfolios, my latest experiment.

An Overview Many of you got a taste of what if feels like to be publish over the holidays! Some of you are still waiting to hear back from various publications——please let us know when you get word!

Different from revision work, editing is all about strengthening the grammar, mechanics, and usage of your writing. To this end, we are going to shine a spotlight on our grammar this semester, and get better at catching our own mistakes and fixing them.

To support this editing work, you will compile an editing portfolio over the course of the semester, due in May: Components of the portfolio: During Tutorial, you will attend a minimum of one editing lesson per week the calendar will tell you what lessons are being taught and when, and you will choose lessons based on the editing focus I put on your writing.

These notes will be your ticket into the lesson. During Tutorial, I will answer any questions you have about the video.

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With a partner, you will work to edit sentences written by your peers. After Tutorial, you will have homework due the next day: We will have in-class editing days a few times a month—the main focus will be editing our writing.

At the end of the year you will turn in a portfolio with your edited papers and some reflective writing.

Repeated practice occurs in both small group and individual spaces. Students have choice as to when they learn about the grammar topic they need help with. How do you navigate the world of grammar instruction?

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What comprise an effective and meaningful reflective essay

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My whole teaching life I have been in search of a way to teach grammar that is meaningful, effective, and enduring. In Search of a More Meaningful, Effective, Enduring Way to Teach Grammar.

February 1, April 19, At the end of the year you will turn in a portfolio with your edited papers and some reflective writing. - The following essay is a reflective account on an event that I, a student nurse encountered whilst on my second clinical placement in my first year of study.

The event . Describe How Communication Skills Were Used In Practice Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. In order to engage in meaningful communication and develop effective communication skills, nurses must engage in the process of reflecting on how communication skills are utilised in practise.

the next component of this essay will make use of. The three-fold benefit of reflective writing: Improving program assessment, student learning, and faculty professional development Assessing the relatively short reflective essay (– words) combined with a research paper from each student in our sample added depth to our assessment process without overwhelming our raters with a.

Aspects Of Organizational Learning: Four Reflective Essays Abstract This thesis presents my responses to questions posed by four professors with whom I studied while.